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3 Unique Foods for Easy Holiday Entertaining

3 Unique Foods for Easy Holiday Entertaining

While we are busy shopping, baking, and decorating to get ready for all of the seasonal festivities, the demands of everyday life do not cease to exist.

We expect to find the time to complete an outrageous amount of work we create for ourselves. We usually find ourselves in a last-minute scramble before realizing something has to give. There simply is not enough time in the day to tack on the additional holiday work without finding shortcuts in daily responsibilities.

This year, plan a realistic approach to the holiday season. Rather than simply tacking on more work to your already busy schedule, figure out what you will do less of to make room for holiday preparations.

One way to free up time is to stock your freezer with easy foods your family and out-of-town guests can enjoy with little work from you. This will enable you to focus on preparing big meals without burning yourself out from cooking.

Pizza and lasagna are the typical go-to meals for pleasing a crowd, but at Kahiki we're all about creating new flavors the whole family will enjoy. Try these items to shake up the weeknight fare:

Egg Rolls

These can double as both a mid-afternoon snack and an appetizer. In addition to the duck sauce packets that come with the egg rolls, try this Spicy Edamame Dip Recipe to serve alongside for a hearty snack. Need a vegetarian option? Choose our Vegetable Egg Rolls.

Crispy Tempura

Our line of Crispy Tempura chicken makes for a deliciously easy hor d'oeuvre. Serve a platter of Crispy Tempura with toothpicks for a bite-sized appetizer at your holiday party. Have extra sauce? Toss it with vegetables to turn it into an irresistible side dish.

Quick & Easy Family Meals

Keep the holidays managable by stocking up on convenient family meals. Our Family Feast line of products are an exciting alternative to the frozen family lasagnas. They go straight from the freezer to the microwave (or oven) and are ready in 15 minutes, leaving you time to prepare for holiday festivities.

The holiday season does not have to be an exhausting and stressful time of year. Focus on doing a few things well and equip yourself with resources that will help you make time for the tasks you want to achieve. Intentional shortcuts are a great way to free up time to make your holiday season special. With dinner duty every evening, a few pre-made meals for easy holiday entertaining can really make a time difference.