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5 Healthy Meal Recipes for the New Year

5 Healthy Meal Recipes for the New Year

Happy New Year! The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the past and plan how you can make 2015 a success. It's popular to make a New Year's resolution for you and your family to eat healthier, but without a plan, a little research and some prep it's easy to fall back on takeout and pizza. That's why we thought we'd help kick start the New Year with some easy, healthy meal recipes to get you started! All of these recipes are nutritious, flavorful and are sure to be a hit with the whole family.

5 Healthy Meals to Start the New Year

Omelet Breakfast Bites

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you want to give your family something that will keep them full until lunch time. Instead of sugary cereal, why not try these yummy bite-sized omelets? You can make them over the weekend and heat them up in the microwave all week for a quick breakfast full of protein and veggies. They also travel well – always a plus!

Easy Macaroni Casserole

Want a healthier version of a warm, comforting classic meal? This simple baked pasta recipe is made with whole grain pasta, ground turkey, marinara sauce and veggies for a tasty and kid-friendly dinner. It's quick to make since you don't need to cook the pasta, and your family will love it on a cold winter night!

General Tso's Chicken Rice Bake

A simple yet delicious lunch or dinner recipe, this healthy meal is perfect for those busy nights when you have a hundred things to do. Everyone loves the General Tso's chicken, and there are plenty of veggies and rice to fill up hungry kids. Save the leftovers to reheat for lunch the next day.

Easy White Chicken Chili

Salads can be very healthy, but they don't sound very appealing on a cold winter night. Instead, try a healthy soup recipe like this white chicken chili, which you can make on the stove or put in the slow cooker to cook all day. With only five ingredients, this is a simple, healthy meal that will take away the winter chill.

Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Another slow cooker meal, this flavorful recipe gives you the boldness of buffalo chicken, just a little healthier. Cook the chicken in the slow cooker all day, shred and add to a lettuce wrap with shredded carrots, celery and either bleu cheese or ranch dressing. Yum!

We hope these meal recipes give you a good start on a healthy New Year! Do you have a go-to healthy and fast dish that you think we'd like? Share it with us on our Facebook page and it could be included in a future blog post!