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6 Asian Recipes for the Modern Thanksgiving Table

6 Asian Recipes for the Modern Thanksgiving Table

Most people do not think about Asian food when they think of Thanksgiving. But even though Thanksgiving carries the tradition of turkey, dressing, roasted carrots, and green bean casserole, the basic elements of the menu always invite improvisation and personalization. So why not infuse classic Thanksgiving dishes with the flavor-boosting ingredients and techniques of the Asian kitchen?

From an extra-juicy turkey to Szechuan-spiced Brussels sprouts, these Asian-inspired spins on Thanksgiving classics will wake up your holiday menu. Add one or more of these recipes to your next Thanksgiving menu, and you might just create a whole new tradition.

Start with easy egg rolls

While you work hard on the rest of the meal, pop these egg rolls,into the oven for a simple appetizer or to hold the family over until the big meal. Our egg rolls also come with chicken and pork. We shred our own fresh cabbage and toss it with Asian seasonings to produce an easy appetizer with a made-from-scratch taste. Locate Kahiki egg rolls near you.

Try an extra-crunchy (and spicy) Brussels sprout salad

No doubt Brussels sprouts are delicious when roasted, but with so many other rich flavors on the Thanksgiving table, why not eat them raw as a refreshing salad? Separate the mini cabbage heads into thinner sections to help them soak up the citrus dressing. Sprinkle them with a touch of Szechuan peppercorns for a hint of heat. View the recipe here.

Give turkey the peking duck treatment

Peking duck's combination of juicy meat and crispy, flavorful skin is also ideal for a Thanksgiving turkey. Steam the bird before roasting to shrink-wrap the skin and turn the meat extra juicy. This even cuts down on roasting time, freeing oven space for side dishes. Finish the turkey with a ginger-spiced glaze to give the mild-flavored meat amazing flavor and a lacquered coating worthy of Peking duck. View the recipe here.

Go for a sausage-packed (and gluten-free) stuffing

Who says you need bread to make stuffing? Use sticky rice instead! It gives the stuffing a delicious chewiness while soaking up the flavor of sweet and savory Chinese sausage. If you cannot find Chinese sausage, substitute with maple-cured bacon. Pine nuts, shiitake mushrooms, and scallions add even more flavor to the mix. View the recipe here.

Boost carrots with a savory glaze

Glazed carrots can be a polarizing dish at the Asian Thanksgiving table. Some people hoard them while others find them too sweet, but this version will win everyone over. The miso and mirin in the glaze give the carrots a hit of umami that balances the sweet, buttery sauce. View the recipe here.

Spice up a creamy dessert

For the Asian Thanksgiving table, we turned up the flavor on classic buttermilk pie by infusing sweet spices into the filling and adding toasted sesame seeds to the crust for an additional crunch. View the recipe here.