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Asian Cooking Tips: How to Make the Perfect Asian Meal

Asian Cooking Tips: How to Make the Perfect Asian Meal

Creating your favorite Asian dishes at home can be fun and delicious, but might be intimidating if you're not used to the styles and techniques used in Asian cooking. If you're new to cooking Chinese food or other Asian cuisine, never fear: we've searched the web for the best Asian cooking tips to help you prepare a delicious meal.

Rock the Wok

For those who've never used one before, a wok can seem daunting at first. A wok is a bowl-shaped frying pan that can make stir-frying and cooking Asian meals ridiculously fast. Because woks are best used at high temperatures and with oil, it's important to be careful when using one. (If you don't own a wok, a deep skillet with rounded sides works well too.) Here are some tips for cooking with a wok:

  • Preheat the wok before adding oil. That way the oil won't pop and potentially burn you. Carefully pour the oil down the side of the wok and swirl the pan to coat the whole surface.
  • Use the right size. If you're making a stir fry, you don't want a wok bigger than 16 inches. Also be sure not to fill the wok up with too many ingredients or your stir fry won't cook quickly or evenly enough.
  • Prepare all of your ingredients first. Woks cook very quickly, so it's important to have your ingredients ready before you begin cooking.

Create an Awesome Stir Fry

Want a yummy meal that can be made fast? It's time to meet stir fry. This easy dish can be made quickly in a pan or wok with a variety of different ingredients and flavors so you can customize it to your family's tastes. Stir fry can also include several veggies, either fresh or frozen, and can be made in large batches so everyone has a healthy lunch for the next day. Want to make the best stir fry? These cooking tips can help:

  • Cook quickly! One of the best qualities of a good stir fry is the cooked yet crisp veggies. To make these, prep all of your ingredients before you begin and cook them quickly at a high heat in a pan or wok.
  • Constantly move the ingredients. Every piece of meat and vegetable should be cooked evenly, so don't let them sit in the bottom of the pan or wok. Keep stirring and moving the ingredients so they heat and cook at the same rate.
  • Pay attention. It's easy to get distracted or try to multitask by setting the table, helping the kids or prepping a side dish, but stir fry dishes are ready fast and require your full attention (for about five or ten minutes).

Keep these tips in mind and you'll have a hot, delicious and flavorful meal ready in minutes. Cut down on prep time by having the kids help wash and slice vegetables, or by tossing in your favorite flavor of Kahiki StirFresh skillet meals. Enjoy!

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