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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Your Complete Guide to Game Night Snacks

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Your Complete Guide to Game Night Snacks

The weather is getting better, the nights are getting longer and there is the wafting smell of delirious fun in the air (that could also be egg rolls, but who's to say?) Yes, it is time to start thinking about partying -- just in general. Whether you're hosting a March Madness brisket bracket or entertaining some friends before heading out to the movies. Maybe you've taken up ballroom dancing and need some treats to bring to all those sweaty shufflers, the reason for the eatin' doesn't really matter. What matters is what you bring, which is why we've got a list of some of the easiest, and best game night snacks around.

5) Cheese Board:

Ahh, a cheese board. This thing is basically easy as crackers which is good because there will mostly be crackers and crunchy little wafers on this bad boy. The beautiful thing about a cheese plate is that it's basically like fingerpainting. There is literally no way to mess it up. Grab three of your favorite cheeses! We'd recommend a gouda, a goat cheese, and a blue cheese - a variety of textures and flavors. To pair, grab some of your favorite jam, some honey, something pickled (like cornichons) and if you're really feeling fancy some kind of summer or spring sausage or cured meat. Arrange it on a wooden board it a somewhat pleasant way and everything will literally think you're the coolest, most put together person in the room. #nailedit

4)Chicken Wings:

Chicken Wings are a gamble because of their absolute messy nature but don't let that stop you from making your own. Grab your favorite sauce (you can even use some of the sauce from one of our StirFresh or Crispy Tempura bags for an asian twist) and fry 'em up! We recommend using an air fryer or just a good ol' fashion deep fry to ensure the crispy outer skin. Whether you bread them or not is on you. Cook 'em until there is no pink in the middle and then drench them in your favorite sauce.

If you really want a sticky-style, cook them until their crispy but not done and then toss them in the sauce and then bake them for 15 minutes. This is going to caramelize your sauce and make some extra sticky and delicious wings. Bring wet naps!

3)Mexican Quiche

Quiche is maybe not always the best option but it certainly is an option for something a bit...fancier! Yes, Quiche is a cheesy, creamy, eggy little dish that works perfect as a snack before a main meal or just as party favors with some friends. It is relatively easy to make (seriously there are 2 million recipes, find your favorite!) If you really to impress, grab some small ramekin and bake them in there for personal Quiches for each of your guests. They don't take long to make (especially if you're doing a crustless one) and everyone will thank you after they dig in.

2) Pretzels:

Okay, so pretzels. Let's talk about them. It's bread. It's salted, buttered twisty bread and basically everyone loves them. Thing is they can be tough to get right, especially if you're making the dough from scratch and it is easy to over salt them (making them both kinda gross and messy) so our solution is to buy some pre-made dough or grab your favorite brand from the freezer aisle. Sometimes effort does not equal quality or time well-spent so whatever you're comfortable with! We would recommend making your own queso or cheese dipping sauce (since that is both delicious, customizable and easy to do!) Once you've got your dips in place, bake your dippables and you're ready to treat your guests to something far beyond their basic stadium pretzel. If you're looking for something healthier, try some hummus or babaganoush (also easy to make on your own with a food processor!)

1)Asian-Style Nachos

The ultimate party snack. Undefeated in deliciousness, and unparalleled in wowability. These Asian Nachos feature our Crispy Tempura chicken and a healthy dollap of one of our incredible sauces over a crisp and clean Asian Slaw and warm cheese (of your choice!) We'd recommend a neutral cheese so it can add that lovely warm creamyness to your already incredible nachos. You can nab the full recipe here on Kahiki!

There are hundreds and thousands and millions of party snack options and these are only five of our favorites. So go out, be curious and search for something that works for you!

And don't forget to Stir It Up!