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Our Company

Assembly Line
Ping Pong

We've even given ourselves a special name... Kahikians. Today we are almost 200 Kahikians strong and we come from 22 different countries. Even though we work in different areas, we all have the same goal... to make great tasting Asian food we can be proud of. Some of the people who work here today also worked at the original Kahiki restaurant many years ago. They've stayed with us as the company has grown from a single restaurant, to a nationally distributed frozen food company. They've stayed because the feeling of pride has never changed. And because at our core, we still believe in taking care of each other and taking care in each and every product we make for you.

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Get To Know Us

We Are Kahikians!

We are the Compass Team, aka Kahikians/Front Office Management Team/Paper Pushers/Cat Herders of our wonderful company. We keep all eleven departments running: Finance, Human Resources, Leadership, Maintenance, Marketing, Production, Quality Assurance, Research & Development, Sales, Supply Chain, and Warehouse. While we all have unique roles, we have two common goals: to make this a great company to work for and to share our love of Kahiki products! Read below to learn more about each department.

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Food quality and safety

Certified by Eagle Food Registrations

We've earned the highest certification for Food Quality and Safety with our SQF Level III classification. Each year, we take – and pass – an audit to re-earn this certification.