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We've even given ourselves a special name... Kahikians. Today we are almost 200 Kahikians strong and we come from 22 different countries. Even though we work in different areas, we all have the same goal... to make great tasting Asian food we can be proud of. Some of the people who work here today also worked at the original Kahiki restaurant many years ago. They've stayed with us as the company has grown from a single restaurant, to a nationally distributed frozen food company. They've stayed because the feeling of pride has never changed. And because at our core, we still believe in taking care of each other and taking care in each and every product we make for you.

Get To Know Us

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supply Chain Management & Operations Support)

You might be asking what S.H.I.E.L.D. really mean, and what does this team really do. Well, at Kahiki, S.H.I.E.L.D. means:

Supply-of raw materials and finished goods
Heijunka-a method of planning production to meet consumer demand
Inventory-have the right stuff at the right place at the right time
ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning
Logistics-Coordinating a lot of moving parts
Distribution-delivering the right product, in full, without errors

In English, this means that we source great tasting raw materials, schedule the production of our great tasting products, and then deliver them to our customers. Each of our team members is a vital piece to ensuring our fantastic products are available for customers to enjoy. Whether it be ordering raw materials, checking inventory, providing excellent customer service or providing analytics to the production team each member of our team strives for excellence in all we do.

Jonathan Velderrain

Hello! I'm Jonathan Velderrain and I am the Kiritsu Sukejūra which means "Discipline Scheduler".

I am responsible for the procurement of all raw materials and production scheduling to ensure we produce our delicious products in a timely manner. This position has been very enjoyable for me because everyday holds new and exciting challenges.

I joined Kahiki in July 2011 and have met and work with many wonderful people that have enriched my life.

When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, cycling my way around town, refining my grill master skills and watching sports.

My favorite Kahiki product is our Yum Yum Stix and Pork Potstickers.

Michelle Sharrieff

Hi, I’m Michelle Sharrieff, my job title is Kanji, and what it is that you may wonder. Well according to Google “it’s the adopted logographic Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese writing system”. I coordinate the general data input for operations and maintenance to assist them in running efficiently by receiving, analyzing, processing and proofreading. I also utilize knowledge of systems or procedures.

When I’m not at work, I love to spend time with family and friends also love travelling (I’m always having the wheels turning in my head to where to go next!) Love being adventurous by trying different, exciting new things which are great educational and cultural experiences. Hey, “Life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake!” (or Yum Yum Stix) ;-)

Priscilla Goldsberry

Hi, I’m Priscilla Goldsberry, Kahiki’s first Spesbona Damselfly! Spesbona in Latin and means “good hope”. Also I don’t have wings but I have been known to hover every once in a while to ensure things are done, you know, “on time and in full”. Just like the species, I too have adapted right into my new role as Supply Chain Coordinator/Customer Service. What is so important you ask about my job? I believe that communication plays a huge role and is the ultimate key in building trust and overall customer satisfaction. My goal is keeping those informed and in a positive timely manner. By putting forth that extra effort, being honest or even that “calming voice” on the other end I know how much more appreciated and valuable I will become as professional relationships are made.

When I’m not busy keeping things running smoothly here I am at home playing referee when my two new Labradors and my overly creative girls! On a daily basis, I have one building new homes in our basement for all her dolls and the other is whipping up dinners after watching yet another recorded cooking show. My husband’s hobby is “blowing smoke”, fitting right! I work hard and take pride in my family and am happy to have become one of the newest Kahikians.

FYI - My favorite Kahiki dishes so far are- Szechuan Pepper Steak and Orange Chicken!

Kory Zook

I am Kory Zook and I am the guy that keeps track of the inventory. Whether it be going in, being used, or shipping out it’s my job to make sure we used as much or have as much as we say we do. I work closely with both warehouse and production to help maintain a smooth flow of product throughout our company. Oft times this requires a fair bit of inquisition to ascertain the true nature of the events that had transpired to lead to the current inventory conundrum but we work together to set things straight. Incidentally, I recently found my thesaurus so I got that going for me which is nice.

Outside of my inventory investigations in the land of Kahiki, I spend a good deal of my free time roving through the wonderful worlds of the silver screen. In my studies at The Ohio State University, along with my degree in logistics management, I also received a minor in film studies. As of yet, this combination of degrees has not proven particularly useful but I enjoyed my time getting them which is all that matters to me.

THE Kahiki

In THE Kahiki is where all of our manufacturing happens. We take all of those fresh and natural ingredients and turn them into the great tasting Kahiki products you love. THE Kahiki is made up of over 150 dedicated and hardworking teammates that take pride in the work we do. We’re a flexible team that is always thinking about ways to add capabilities to make the next great product.

Henry Liu

I’m Henry Liu and am the Po Kumu in the production department.

What is Po Kumu, you might ask? The person who gave me this name said, “It is the night time teacher.”

Yes, teacher, and I happened to be a teacher for some years before I started working at Kahiki. I am not teaching anymore from books in the classroom, but I think I am still doing the teaching function in Kahikilandia; I am teaching, coaching, motivating, leading and stirring up our teammates to be the best, passionate, devoted and loyal Kahikians producing the best specialty frozen foods to delight and excite our customers. A couple months ago, my fellow Kahikians threw a surprise party to mark my 23 years of service with the Kahiki! After 23 years, I am still here at Kahiki, becoming the oldest manager to see and experience all the great changes with this company, going from a few folks to 200+ teammates! 25 years ago, a few of the Kahiki chefs started to use the best Kahiki egg roll recipe to make frozen egg rolls and sell them in groceries stores throughout Columbus. They also started to use the recipe for Kahiki General Tso’s and Beef & Broccoli to sell in cafeterias and dining rooms in various colleges and universities. 25 years later, we are still making the great egg rolls and famous General Tso’s chicken and Beef & Broccoli! The difference is that we used to make hundreds and thousands; now we are making millions and millions. And I am very fortunate to a part of it then and now.

Higinio Quintana

I’m Higinio Quintana, better known as Taco. I’m currently the Kaizen Koa at Kahiki and I’m responsible for developing and executing training plans for THE Kahiki group in manufacturing. I spend most of my days working with our wonderful staff trying to provide and coach the team so that we have the necessary skills to support our growth out on the manufacturing floor.

I’ve been a Kahikian for over 13 years and have had a chance to work in many different areas of the company and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I started out working in sanitation and have progressed through all areas and levels in operations eventually being promoted into management. All that I’ve experienced and learned has helped me support our company goals. I’m somewhat of an, “expert”, you could say when it comes to making all our great products like Yum Yum Stix, Family Feast, and StirFresh just to name a few.

I grew up in San Jose Solis, Mexico and at the age of 9, I was given the nickname, “Taco”, and I’ve been called that ever since. I have two small boys at home that keep me busy and I have a big extended family that I love to spend time with.

Mayra Buentello

I’m Mayra Buentello, the Tairi of the production department. Tairi means war goddess. I chose that fun name because I am a valiant warrior. I have been at Kahiki for 4 years now. I started as a supervisor and was later promoted to an area manager in the production department. I’ve also worked 3rd shift sanitation to help improve start–up time frame pre-ops. Currently I have been assigned the task of leading the HOKO team (Idea Generation) for 1st shift and by the way we are in 1st place. I am also leading a team to reduce spring roll waste in packaging room. As I continue my journey at Kahiki I look forward to more opportunities to expand my knowledge and help the company reach our BHAGS (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).

I love to play Softball in my spare time and I have received 2 trophies… one for best pitcher and the other for MVP. I have 2 kids… Abraham who is 19 yrs old attending Columbus State University and my daughter, Arely, who is 16 yrs old and still in High School.

Brian Mueller

Hey! I’m Brian Mueller, the Kazian Gaido here at Kahiki. I am one of the newest “Kahikians,” joining in on the FUN adventure in September, 2016. I have already caught the Kahiki fever and have a huge passion for making bold, exciting and great tasting foods in the most efficient manner possible! As the Kazian Gaido, I am responsible for improving and removing all unnecessary waste from our everyday processes (basically make everyone’s job a little easier, faster, and less messy!)

I love to THINK DIFFERENTLY when I watch THE Kahikians take fresh ingredients and turn them into something special. The products that excite and delight me the most include: Sweet and Sour Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Korean BBQ Pork Yum Yum Stix, and our famous Chicken Egg Rolls.

While outside of Kahiki, my wife and I love to travel, cheer on THE Ohio State University, and play with our 2 year old pup, Bosa (named after the former great Ohio State defense end, Joey Bosa). We often like to knock out two of those by taking in a Buckeye road game. It is a pretty awesome scene when the scarlet and grey take over an opposing teams tailgate lot (while eating their favorite Kahiki Brands, of course!)

Maria Rivera

Hi, my name is Maria Rivera. I am a teammate at Kahiki Foods, having worked at Kahiki for 10 years making different kinds of frozen food. I have learned a lot and this knowledge has enabled me to operate different types of machinery at our facility. I have also learned about employee safety and food safety.

Working here at Kahiki has allowed me to work with different cultures. I work on first shift with 40 other teammates making the best frozen Asian entrees in the United States. As a team, we have celebrated good times such as birthday parties, baby showers and pot lucks helping us to grow closer as teammates. In closing my teammates and I take pride in our work and enjoy delighting our customers with delicious Asian food.

Li Li

Hi, My name is Li Li, like the beautiful, sweet Lili in the pond.

I am one of the best performing and high skilled operators in the processing department. In Kahiki, we call it The Kitchen. It’s a huge kitchen that cuts and grinds meat, mixes meat with vegetables and makes egg rolls and stix. I have been working in at Kahiki for 11 years; I have made hundreds of millions of Kahiki appetizers together with my fellow teammates. We have 35 teammates in The Kitchen. Many of us have worked here for years. We are very devoted and loyal to Kahiki, and we work like a big family that produce the best specialty frozen foods for customers. We take pride in our safe and quality work. Kahiki cooks and prepare lunch for us employees every Friday, and we have free coffee and tea during our breaks. We also play ping pong, pool or air hockey during our breaks or after work. When I first came here, I didn’t know anything about preparing foods. Now I am an operator with multi tasks, and I have many friends at Kahiki. I also like the Kahiki Bucks program, and I have been awarded many bucks. Once I have enough, I would love to get a pair of UGG boots!

THE Foo Fighters (Human Resources & Strategic Projects)

In general, people/companies need resources and strategy. THE Foo provides exactly that. As a team, we work very hard to take this responsibility to the next level. How do we do this? We are out of the box thinkers. We onboard the best talent (which means we only hire people with great attitudes), we train our teammates and we constantly work cross departmentally to provide new and innovative solutions to continue the massive growth of our company. Whether we talk culture, development, curated beer fest- we always have two things in mind- our teammates and Kahikilandia!

There are three of us under the Dragon Boat Drummer, Juanita Simpson. Read below to find out more about THE Foo Fighters.

Debbie Kapes

Hi, I’m Debbie Kapes, the Trail Boss at Kahiki. A “trail boss” is the person responsible for driving a herd of cattle. While I would never refer to my teammates as such, part of my role here is to ensure that our office is organized and in tip-top shape which requires serious multi-tasking and a little nagging. It is important as a Kahikian to be positive, enthusiastic, warm, energetic and a lot of fun. That is why being part of the FOO Fighters is a perfect fit for me. The best part of my job is… well… just about everything. My teammates and I have a blast almost every single day, and on days that we don’t, we still have a darn good time. Sure, we get a lot of challenges -work load, deadlines and the pressure to be perfect – but I see them as opportunities to see how far we can push ourselves, excel at what we do, and be stronger as a team.

I relocated from Cleveland to Columbus in July of 2015 to be closer to my two children, but especially to be able to spend time with my granddaughter, Lily. When I see the world through her eyes, my own world is enriched.


Michael Martinez

Hello there! My name is Michael A. Martinez, the HR Prana of Kahiki. You might be wondering what it takes to be ‘THE’ HR Prana. Prana is a yoga term that means the Original Life Force. Its origin comes from the Sanskrit syllables “pra” (constant) and “an” (movement). Therefore it means constant motion.

That’s exactly who I am and what I do at Kahiki. As part of the FOO, I focus my life force into fostering a work environment that promotes FUN, OPENNESS & OPPORTUNITY. HR covers a multitude of areas that require me to be constantly in motion and prepared for anything. From helping employees with benefits to wearing turkey hats to make them smile, I pride myself in being there for those that I work with.

When I’m not changing lives at Kahiki, I like to spend time at the gym working on this body. When I’m not at the gym I can be found ordering something from a drive-thru or ordering a pizza, completely counteracting any efforts made at the gym. Outside of that I enjoy going out with friends, flying down to Texas to visit family (yes I had to mention TEXAS) and hunting for new shoes.

PS: We’re still hiring. Spread the word

Carole Bordak

Hi, I’m Carole. If you are looking for the Kahikian who is excited to start “lighting the way” envisioning Kahiki’s bright future through strategic projects, that would be me, the Tiki Torchbearer. What might my daily torch-time look like?

  • Learning from our over 200 amazingly talented Kahikians about their specific contributions to Kahiki’s radiant growth!
  • Listening to suggestions of which fun festivals or fairs we will be participating in next!
  • Discovering what magical new sweet and spicy sauce is being created today!
  • Viewing our latest Yum Yum Stix video that will be posted live in the next few hours!
  • Encouraging our entrepreneurial passion to shine!

As the newest member of the FOO Fighters(Fun-Open-Opportunity) team, where daily wacky humor is the norm, my imaginative fire is constantly being stoked. Being the Tiki Torchbearer is the perfect fit for me. The creative force of my job meshes with one of the other passions in my life: fine art. When I am not focusing on cravers of bold and exciting Asian foods, I’m hopping a plane to spend time with family and loved ones in Portland, Oregon – and connecting with my extraordinary artist friends.

The Wu Tang Clan

The Wu (short for Wu Tang Clan) is made up of the leaders in each department in the company, who stir together the passion, creativity and expertise of our fellow Kahikians to make great products for you. As a growing, entrepreneurial, private company, we lead our business with purpose and values, and we are always looking for ways to do something extraordinary to excite and inspire our fans. And doing what we do with other people who love Asian food make this “work” a lot of fun. We believe that our focus on purpose, values and fun sets us apart from other big food companies, with their obsessive focus on profits, stock price, and maintaining the status quo.

There are six of us in the Wu, and we all have a story to tell. Check us out below: …

Martin Kelly - Big Kahuna

Martin Kelly - Big Kahuna

I am Martin Kelly, and as the Big Kahuna at Kahiki, I spend my days working on strategy, culture, and helping our team to achieve great things. We have a very diverse team at Kahiki, and that diversity gives us rich perspective and lots of interesting ideas about how to excite our customers, and create a great future.

I joined Kahiki in 2014, and the special ingredient I bring to Kahiki is my passion and focus. I have always believed that you should love your work, and I love what I do at Kahiki--- I love the business, I love the Kahiki family (Ohana), and I love our food. I have been fortunate enough to have had some great experiences over the years, and those experiences have helped me work with my fellow Kahikians to develop a company full of opportunity with an extraordinarily bright future. In truth, I get up (early) every day excited about the work I do, and where we are headed as a company. I enjoy engaging in vigorous debate, testing new ideas, and challenging the status quo (while listening to Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and George Thorogood)! When I am not at Kahiki, my passions are my family, reading and craft beer, and my wife and I are frequently travelling to visit our children and grandchildren.

Here is some other info about me that might explain a few things:

Favorite Kahiki Products: Crispy Tempura-Asian Style BBQ Chicken (new!), Stir Fresh-Beef & Broccoli, Steam & Serve-Chicken Lo Mein, Family Feast-Chicken Fried Rice, Bowl & Roll-Chicken Pad Thai, Snacks & Apps-Toasted Sesame Chicken Yum Yum Stix, Savory Sides-Sesame Noodles (new!)

Favorite Craft Beer(s): Dogfishead 60 Minute IPA (my “standard”), Pyramid Snow Cap Ale (winter seasonal), Magic Hat Wacko (limited release), Four String Suncaster (local summer beer)

Favorite Quote: “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.” - Andrew Carnegie

Scott Corey - Master of Magical Moments & Multimedia

Scott Corey - Master of Magical Moments & Multimedia

Why am I the “Master of Magical Moments”? Well creating magical moments is why I’ve always loved Marketing. Creating the video you can’t stop watching, the product story you have to read to the end, eating the last bite of Sesame Ginger Chicken … then licking the sauce off the plate, the colorful package you can’t put down… they are all magical moments in their own special way. Of course magical moments are in our DNA here at Kahiki so I really have a pretty easy job (don’t tell my boss). Really… who doesn’t love good Asian food??

Not only do I have to be magical at the office, but in order to keep up with my three boys and busy wife at home… plenty of magic is involved. Some say I’m magical with a tennis racquet, golf club or ping pong paddle in my hand as well. When I get time to sit down and enjoy some Asian food between games or while on location at a shoot I usually go for Chicken Pad Thai or General Tso’s Chicken… with Potstickers (while listening to Van Halen of course). But I like it spicy, so I always have to have a bottle of Sriracha sauce, red chili pepper paste or Sriracha Mayo on hand to kick it up!

Matt Szerencsits - Jikijitsu of Finance and Supply Chain

Matt Szerencsits - Jikijitsu of Finance and Supply Chain

Hi, I’m Matt Szerencsits, and I am the Jikijitsu of Finance and Supply Chain. What is a Jikijitsu you might ask? Simply stated, I make sure everyone is on-time and that everything is running smoothly. We take pride in insuring our customers get what they want, when they need it, and we will go to great lengths to make sure that happens.

Some may consider me a strict disciplinarian and a bit stuffy, but those that know me best know better. I’m very competitive, been known to belt out a few verses of “Rappers Delight” without warning, and I can still do backflips on the trampoline even though I am certainly past my prime. I’ve also started a growing trend in the office by replacing my chair with a yoga ball. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. While at home I enjoy traveling around the country with my wife and children while supporting them in their many activities. Gymnastics and Track meets are two of my favorite events to attend.

I’ve been fortunate to work at Kahiki for 7 years. It’s exciting to be part of a growing company that is on an amazing trajectory with so much runway ahead of us. My favorite Kahiki products are our Yum-Yum Sticks and Potstickers.

Juanita Simpson - Dragon Boat Drummer

Juanita Simpson - Dragon Boat Drummer

Aloha! Have you ever seen a Dragon Boat race? You know what I am talking about- the artistic boat that has a dragon head up front, a drummer in the back and about 20 people paddling in the same direction. Well at Kahiki, I am that Dragon Boat Drummer. Except instead of beating a drum I am playing 90’s pop and instead of 20 people I am responsible for keeping over 200 people paddling on beat and in the same direction.

I know people who gripe about going to work every day and I am proud to say that I am not in that “boat”. I love walking in to the smell of eggrolls and hearing the sounds of ping pong balls hitting the floor or someone breaking at the pool table. Most of all, I love coming in daily and leading the FOO Fighters (Fun-Open-Opportunity). Much like our Korean-Style BBQ Pork Yum-Yum Stix- we are a spicy bunch! The team is comprised of HR & Strategic Project teammates who have the right attitude and aptitude to take us to the next level.

When I am not out with the team taste testing our way through Columbus, I am at home with my husband competing for the household wheel of fortune champion title.

Mike Williams - Sōsa Gaido

Mike Williams - Sōsa Gaido

Hey! I’m Mike Williams and I’m the Sōsa Gaido at Kahiki...hint it’s pronounced “guy-doe”. What is a Sōsa Gaido you ask? It loosely translates to, “Operations Guide”. My role at Kahiki is just that, guide our incredible operations team as we produce great tasting food. I take great pride in the work our team does to deliver products to our consumers meanwhile enjoying the comradery all throughout the process. I mean come on, how can I not be excited about making BOLD and EXCITING products like Yum Yum Stix, Bowl & Roll, and Family Feast?!

I’ve quite literally grown up as a Kahikian, having joined the company in 2008 as in intern in our management training program. Since then my experiences at Kahiki have taken me through a wild and rewarding journey throughout various roles in our operation during a time period Kahiki has nearly doubled in size. I bleed Scarlet and Gray having obtained a BS and MBA from THE Ohio State University so you could say I enjoy watching the football team a little. While I’m away from Kahiki, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter. I also can’t get enough of going to the top of any mountain and skiing or biking my way down.

Bob Helland - Sensei of Sales

Bob Helland - Sensei of Sales

I am Bob Helland, a/k/the Sensei of Sales at Kahiki Foods. My role is to make sure the sales team is bringing passion, expertise and impact to all of our customers. In truth, as the Sensei, I am more of a teacher than a sales person. The word Sensei in general Japanese usage means teacher. So I work to educate the Sales Ninja’s and Samurai to be a best in breed sales team. We work hard but we have a lot of fun along the way.

I also consider it my job to be the resident comedian, and my specialty is bald guy jokes. Did I mention that the Big Kahuna is bald?

I joined Kahiki in October of 2014 and I can honestly say this is the first company I have worked for that works hard every day to deliver on the values we have plastered on the wall. We actually have fun at work! We are encouraged to take chances and make mistakes. It’s how you learn! Open honest communication is the norm. How cool is it that?

When I am not at work, my wife and I like to travel, stay in shape by doing Crossfit, running half marathons and trying new restaurants in and around the Columbus area.

Jonah Hersey

Jonah Hersey - The Sentinel

Hello, my name is Jonah Hersey, and I am The Sentinel. What does “The Sentinel” mean? Well, it’s a soldier who watches over and guards against a surprise attack. So, as the leader in supply chain I watch over our raw materials and finished goods to make sure we have the proper levels to ensure our customers have the inventory they need to sell our awesome great tasting foods. I was also in the finance & accounting area for 6 years making sure all the beans were counted properly. When really busy I have been known to crank up some Metallica in my office to help better maintain my edge.

When not at the office, my wife and I have 3 boys who are active in all sorts of school extracurricular activities, which keeps us on our toes. My passions, besides Kahiki, are “The” Ohio State University football, Cleveland Cavalier’s basketball and anything related to outside activities with my family; hiking, repelling, caving, exploring, etc. My favorite Kahiki product is the ole standby, General Tso’s Chicken. Try it today, you won’t be disappointed! Oh, and DO THE RIGHT THING!

Land of Shock and Awe (Marketing)

Without Marketing, Kahiki is just great tasting food that no one has heard of before. At least, we like to think so! We may be a small department within the company, but we know how to get the word out and spread the love about our favorite Asian food. We are the analysis that goes into the sales ninjas’ decision-making; the people you interact with on social media and customer service; the packaging you place in your cart at your local grocery store; the coupons you receive in the mail. We love letting the world know what a tasty company we work for!

There are three of us under the Master of Magical Moments and Multimedia, Scott Corey. Read below to find out more about The Land of Shock and Awe.

Mark Toothman

Hi, I’m Mark Toothman, the Teller of Tall Tales & Numbers at Kahiki. What does the Teller do at Kahiki? I look deeply into the abyss of consumer data to pull out trends related to the market. My time is spent analyzing data to better improve our understanding of Asian food preferences to create products that consumers most want. I then weave this information into a consistent story that can be used by other members of the Kahiki Team.

When I’m not busy trying to read the tea leaves, most of my time revolves around my family. My wife and I have six boys, two dogs, a cat, and a turtle. Most of my time is spent running between sporting events and practices. You may run into me in my hometown of Newark, Ohio. I’ll be the guy proudly wearing the Kahiki shirt. To relax, I always enjoy a good story. Sometimes this involves a good book or taking in a movie. I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to my favorite Kahiki products. I still enjoy our General Tso’s chicken. I also like our Yum Yum Stix and Potstickers as a snack or an addition to a meal.

Katie Whitling

Hi, I’m Katie Whitling and the Wizard of Crayons and Cartoons at Kahiki! What does being a Wizard mean? Well, it involves a lot of wand waving and magic spells to conjure the best possible strategic designs in advertisements, package layouts, logos, apparel and internal communication. Proudly the only Mac user in the company, for me there’s nothing better than being able to hold a final printed product after taking it from basic concept on paper to computer screen. That’s where the true Wizardry lies!

When I’m not designing the latest creation, I am out running the streets (or trails) around Columbus prepping for my next marathon. I love distance running! And eating. Runger is real and requires constant vigilance. When I’m not at my desk, I can be found in Chinatown Chowdown sampling the latest creation from my R&D friends. My favorite Kahiki products are Chicken Lo Mein and Pork Potstickers!

Research & Development (R&D)

Kahiki's R&D department is the center of all we do at Kahiki. It's where we brainstorm new ideas, create new dishes, develop new and different combinations of Asian food, and where we use your feedback to create convenient meals for you and your families. We work in a fun place so we gave our kitchen a fun name… the Chinatown Chowdown! We spend a lot of time there, so we've made it a fun place to be with music, a wide variety of delicious Asian spices, seasonings and sauces, and lots of yummy food … after all you can't be creative without having fun too. We've been told that each of us are a little Asian food "crazy". That's ok with us. We each have our own personal specialties and favorites, but together we make a great team and love creating new dishes for you, our Kahiki fans.

There are four of us that make up Kahiki's R&D team, here's a little more about each of us…

Janet Sprouse

Hello, I'm Janet Sprouse and I really love food. So much so that I've spent over 20 years working in the food industry. Most of that time has been with fast food restaurants, a pizza chain, and now with Kahiki frozen food. I'm a busy Mom too (I have two sons), so the convenience of frozen food is important to keep my family running on time. And you know how much teenage boys eat! My title here at Kahiki is the "Seeker of Happy Belly". I've always found that if your belly is happy, you are happy too. What makes my belly happiest… when I eat out at Asian restaurants, usually my favorite dish is Kung Pao Chicken. However, here at Kahiki, my favorite item is our Chicken Lo Mein. My boys love our Kahiki tempura chicken, so I always have to have a couple of those in the freezer at home.

When I'm not at work, I'm usually whipping up a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies or trying something new off Pinterest. I also have a green thumb… I love gardening. That includes both flowers and vegetable, like zucchini which I bring in to the Chowdown to share with coworkers. My parents taught me to garden when I was growing up and it has stuck with me all these years, even while getting my master's degree in Food Science at Michigan State University.

Christina Mallow

Hi, I'm Christina Mallow, a.k.a. the "Maestro of Umami!" What is a Maestro of Umami you might ask? Well, being a Maestro of Umami isn't easy… it's like conducting a symphony of flavors that have to work together to create the perfect combination. Challenging… Yes, but it's worth it when I find that perfect combination. When I'm not eating Asian food, I'm usually reading or learning more about it… which is why they call me a Maestro. I'm also being certified here at Kahiki as a Sensei of the Wok which means I am our culinary expert in a certain area. For me, that includes our Appetizers and Single Serve entrees, and also means I am an expert on other frozen products in those areas so I have to keep up with current trends … yes, that means eating more Asian food!

I came to Kahiki with six years of food safety management experience and a degree in Food Science from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!). My favorite Kahiki item is our Pork Potstickers which is also what I usually order as an appetizer at restaurants. I have one son at home and he really loves our Crispy Tempura Chicken. My son likes helping me in the kitchen at home, so I bought him his own whisk and spatula which he likes to use making cookies, of course!

Wing Monge

I'm Wing Monge and I've been with Kahiki now for 12 years. Asian food is close to my heart because I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in my family restaurant in California. Because we owned a restaurant, many of my happiest childhood memories come from the restaurant, making new things, and spending time with family and friends there. Working at Kahiki is very much like those restaurant days, but more creative. Here at Kahiki, I'm known as our "Maestro of Kokumi." I chose this name because Kokumi refers to the mysterious 6th taste that can be detected on your tongue, and means 'heartiness' in Japanese. I came up with the name for our Kitchen, "Chinatown Chowdown", because it literary means eating your way through Chinatown.

Even when I'm at home with my family I try to make our meals as healthy, delicious and authentic as I can with my nutrition degree from Cal Poly. This means I have to get a lot of the ingredients from Asian supermarkets since they aren't carried in most grocery stores. My favorite kind of Asian food is Singapore Noodles and someday I hope we bring this type of food to Kahiki. My favorite Kahiki product is our Yum Yum Stix, it reminds me of the little spring rolls we made in our restaurant back in California.

Gabby Mateen

Hi, my name is Gabby Mateen and my role here at Kahiki is that of "Suiji Chef". Suiji is Japanese for Cooking and Culinary Arts which I studied at Johnson & Wales University.

My role on the team is to run the Chinatown Chowdown so we don't run out of key ingredients and so we are always prepared for the Maestro's as they work on developing new items. I also do a lot of research and running around the city to help keep the team up to date on the latest products and trends and to track down unique ingredients they need to perfect a recipe.

At home, I love to cook and invite my friends over to try my latest creations. Growing up at home, my parents taught me all about Korean and American cuisines which I guess really stuck with me since I'm pursuing a career in the food industry.

My favorite Kahiki item is our Toasted Sesame Chicken Yum Yum Stix and if you're ever in Columbus, be sure to check out Fukuryu Ramen, my favorite Asian restaurant.

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