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The Cabbage Patch (Finance & Accounting)

The Cabbage Patch (Finance & Accounting)

You might be thinking…why The Cabbage Patch? Although most may correlate the name to those cute little Cabbage Patch Kids from the early 80’s; we like to think of cabbage as the color of money. We spend countless hours figuring out ways to support the growth of the business as we continue to bring our great tasting Kahiki food to the masses.

While some people may have differing opinions, the essential roles and duties of our department include:

Reporting– preparing financial reports, budgets, and information that drives our company to “Be Excellent & Build for the Future”

Money out– making payments and keeping the bills paid

Money in– processing incoming payments

Payroll – make sure everyone gets paid (although at Kahiki most would work for free…or food!)

…..Now that’s a lot of Cabbage!!