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Songshou (Marketing)

Songshou (Marketing)

Without Marketing, Kahiki is just great tasting food that no one has heard of before. At least, we like to think so! We may be a small department within the company, but we know how to get the word out and spread the love about our favorite Asian food. We are the people you interact with on social media and customer service; the people you see at local festivals; the packaging you place in your cart at your grocery store; the coupons you receive in the mail. We love letting the world know what a tasty company we work for!

Read below to find out more about Songshou Department.

Mark Toothman - Teller of Tall Tales & Numbers

Hi, I’m Mark Toothman, the Teller of Tall Tales & Numbers at Kahiki. What does the Teller do at Kahiki? I look deeply into the abyss of consumer data to pull out trends related to the market. My time is spent analyzing data to better improve our understanding of Asian food preferences to create products that consumers most want. I then weave this information into a consistent story that can be used by other members of the Kahiki Team.

When I’m not busy trying to read the tea leaves, most of my time revolves around my family. My wife and I have six boys, two dogs, a cat, and a turtle. Most of my time is spent running between sporting events and practices. You may run into me in my hometown of Newark, Ohio. I’ll be the guy proudly wearing the Kahiki shirt. To relax, I always enjoy a good story. Sometimes this involves a good book or taking in a movie. I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to my favorite Kahiki products. I still enjoy our General Tso’s chicken. I also like our Yum Yum Stix and Potstickers as a snack or an addition to a meal.

Katie Whitling - Wizard of Crayons and Cartoons

Hi, I’m Katie Whitling and the Wizard of Crayons and Cartoons at Kahiki! What does being a Wizard mean? Well, it involves a lot of wand waving and magic spells to conjure the best possible strategic designs in advertisements, package layouts, logos, apparel and internal communication. Proudly the only Mac user in the company, for me there’s nothing better than being able to hold a final printed product after taking it from basic concept on paper to computer screen. That’s where the true Wizardry lies!

When I’m not designing the latest creation, I am out running the streets (or trails) around Columbus prepping for my next marathon. I love distance running! And eating. Runger is real and requires constant vigilance. When I’m not at my desk, I can be found in Chinatown Chowdown sampling the latest creation from my R&D friends. My favorite Kahiki products are Chicken Lo Mein and Pork Potstickers!

Matthew Erman - Emperor of Magical Memes

Hello! I’m the Emperor of Magical Memes here at Kahiki. I also go by Matthew if you’re interested in using that name. Or really you can use whatever name skims across your mind when you see me, I straight up do not care. So! What do I do? Well, I do a ton of stuff and if you’re someone who has enjoyed our food and sought out our social media, you’ve probably read something I wrote or saw a video of me talking for 45 minutes about egg rolls. I handle all that. Every bit of it. If you’ve received some of our coupons in the mail, you’ve even seen my sloppy handwriting.

I’ve got my hands in some other cookie jars at Kahiki, but ultimately I’m trying to make us the best in the business when it comes to interacting with our fans and customers. So hang out with me on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll try to make you smile or coax you into saying something silly that I can read to our Facebook Live audience.

When I’m not getting my Kahiki on – I’m a published writer with short stories, poems and comics that have appeared in national literary journals. I have a monthly comic book series coming out nationally in the fall called Long Lost. I live in downtown Columbus, Ohio with my wife, our dog and cat. I really like trying the new novelty food items at fast food chains and my favorite Kahiki product is the Thai Basil Yum Yum Stix.