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Award bestowed by Ohio Business Magazine

In the brilliant minds of the Ohio Business Magazine’s Selection Committee, what qualifies a company for this honor? The company:

  • Must instill a sense of value and purpose within their employees
  • Must show significant employee engagement
  • Must offer a strong benefits structure
  • Must show a record of previous awards

Check. Check. Check. Check. Kahiki and its exceptional employees are honored to receive this distinguished award! In the category of ‘Company Size of 200+ Employees’, winners were published in the magazine’s September publication.

Founded in 1961 as the exotic Kahiki Supper Club, Kahiki Foods is now a fast-growing frozen food manufacturer selling 100% natural frozen Asian cuisine – available in over 14,000 stores across the country. Offering fantastic consumer delights like award-winning Yum Yum Stix Thai Basil Chicken and Crispy Tempura Asian BBQ-Style Chicken gets Kahiki employees fired up to deliver a mouth-thrilling experience.

Who has the most vital role of the Kahiki Teammates? EVERYONE. From the R&D Team developing bold and exciting in-house recipes … to the Production Team expertly creating the final product … to the Supply Chain Team ensuring efficient delivery to your store. Everyone has an upbeat positive attitude while focusing on the best customer experience with the highest quality ingredients.

“What makes us a really great company is we have a lot of fun at work, and the enthusiasm is contagious. We have an all-star team, and consumers reap the benefits. Kahikians come together to make our dishes burst with interesting flavors and crunchy textures. Our flexibility keeps our cuisine modern and exciting,” says Juanita Simpson, Kahiki’s Dragon Boat Drummer, a/k/a director of human resources and strategic projects.

Kahiki employees are exceptional, coming from more than 22 countries across 4 continents and speaking multiple languages. Kahiki has translated meetings, career-building training programs, and English and Spanish classes – just to name a few of the ways that Kahiki provides every employee the opportunity to succeed professionally and personally.

To learn more about Kahiki and to explore career opportunities, visit Kahiki’s career webpage at:

About Kahiki Foods, Inc.

What’s not to LOVE about bold Asian flavors that stir your senses? Making your meals a delicious adventure drives us to do what we’ve been doing now for over 55 years. And we have a blast doing it. Even our name is fun … just try to say Kahiki [kah-hee-kee] without smiling. Join the action at!

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