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Every Sidekick Wants Top Billing

Every Sidekick Wants Top Billing
New Line of Side Dishes Compliment All Asian Meals

Everyone wants top billing ... Robin has Batman, Igor has Dr. Frankenstein, and jelly has peanut butter. But not Kahiki's new Savory Sidekicks™ dishes! They're willing to share the spotlight with Kahiki's scrumptious main meals.

Kahiki fans spoke. Kahiki listened. Everyone wants to eat rice, noodles or vegetables with their Asian meal. So Kahiki is introducing three new 100% Natural side dishes, appropriately titled Savory Sidekicks™.

The three tempting side dishes are Japanese-Style Fried Rice, Sesame Noodles and Teriyaki Vegetables. Pop them into the microwave, and they're ready in a few minutes. And Savory Sidekicks™ are in a convenient serving tray that can go right on the table with one of Kahiki’s line of thirteen different Asian meals to give our fans a full Asian Night experience.

“We are excited to launch the ‘first in category’ line of side dishes. Sides are versatile and extremely convenient, and consumer preference for sides is showing strong in the trends. We think Savory Sidekicks™ will offer consumers a more exciting Asian meal experience,” said Martin Kelly, Kahiki’s Big Kahuna (CEO). “We have asked retailers to place these sides in the same freezer door as our fantastic meals to make our customer's shopping easy by putting their complete meals together,” added Kelly.

There is a reason Kahiki is rapidly becoming the star of the retail show. The company's portfolio of award winning 100% Natural products include saucy meals, savory side dishes and crunchy snacks. Retail sales have exploded by 57% over the last 52 weeks, and Kahiki is now driving the growth in the Asian frozen food category.

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