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The New Americana: Mom, Baseball, and Yum Yum Stix™

The New Americana: Mom, Baseball, and Yum Yum Stix™
Kahiki Foods Announces Sponsorship of Columbus Clippers

Take me out to the ball game ... Welcome to the new Americana. Where "buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks" has proudly become "buy me some Dim Sum and Yum Yum Stix". So, in between root, root, rooting for your Clippers home team, you can run over to Kahiki's concession stand at Huntington Park and order General Tso's or Sweet and Sour Chicken and some crispy Yum Yum Stix.

What makes so much sense about the new Kahiki/Clippers partnership? Stars align with stars. In 2016, sales of Kahiki's award winning 100% Natural meals, savory side dishes, and crunchy snacks exploded by 57%. At the same time, Forbes listed the Clippers as the fifth-most valuable Minor League Baseball team with a value of $41 million. Stars align with stars.

Columbus loves its hometown winners. Kahiki is its fast rising star, and its products are carried in 13,000+ retail locations. "Kahiki's team members hustle every day to produce great tasting food with bold Asian flavors. We're taste and texture leaders, and it's a blast to move fast," says Kahiki's Big Kahuna, Martin Kelly.

Clippers President & GM Ken Schnacke said, “We are proud to partner with Kahiki Foods and look forward to adding many of their products to the menu at Huntington Park. For those of us who have lived in Columbus, the mere mention of the name “Kahiki” is synonymous with class, good food, and wonderful dining. We are sure that those same thoughts will return when our fans enjoy a sampling of their products while attending a Clippers game.”

Get out and enjoy a Clippers game, and while you're there, have fun chomping on some delicious Kahiki food. If you can't make it to the game, but find yourself craving that exciting Asian dinner experience, you can make it easy on yourself. Run out to Walmart, Giant Eagle, Meijer, Sam’s Club, Marc’s, Kroger and other retail outlets. Or check Kahiki's product locator at Freezer to oven to belly. Kahiki. Our shining Columbus star.

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