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Oishii LE (Research & Development)

Oishii LE (Research & Development)

Kahiki's R&D department is the center of all we do at Kahiki. It's where we brainstorm new ideas, create new dishes, develop new and different combinations of Asian food, and where we use your feedback to create convenient meals for you and your families. We work in a fun place so we gave our kitchen a fun name… the Chinatown Chowdown! We spend a lot of time there, so we've made it a fun place to be with music, a wide variety of delicious Asian spices, seasonings and sauces, and lots of yummy food … after all you can't be creative without having fun too. We've been told that each of us are a little Asian food "crazy". That's ok with us. We each have our own personal specialties and favorites, but together we make a great team and love creating new dishes for you, our Kahiki fans.

There are two of us that make up Kahiki's R&D team, here's a little more about each of us…

Christina Mallow - Maestro of Umami

Hi, I'm Christina Mallow, a.k.a. the "Maestro of Umami!" What is a Maestro of Umami you might ask? Well, being a Maestro of Umami isn't easy… it's like conducting a symphony of flavors that have to work together to create the perfect combination. Challenging… Yes, but it's worth it when I find that perfect combination. When I'm not eating Asian food, I'm usually reading or learning more about it… which is why they call me a Maestro. I'm also being certified here at Kahiki as a Sensei of the Wok which means I am our culinary expert in a certain area. For me, that includes our Appetizers and Single Serve entrees, and also means I am an expert on other frozen products in those areas so I have to keep up with current trends … yes, that means eating more Asian food!

I came to Kahiki with six years of food safety management experience and a degree in Food Science from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!). My favorite Kahiki item is our Pork Potstickers which is also what I usually order as an appetizer at restaurants. I have one son at home and he really loves our Crispy Tempura Chicken. My son likes helping me in the kitchen at home, so I bought him his own whisk and spatula which he likes to use making cookies, of course!

Wing Monge - Maestro of Kokumi

I'm Wing Monge and I've been with Kahiki now for 12 years. Asian food is close to my heart because I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in my family restaurant in California. Because we owned a restaurant, many of my happiest childhood memories come from the restaurant, making new things, and spending time with family and friends there. Working at Kahiki is very much like those restaurant days, but more creative. Here at Kahiki, I'm known as our "Maestro of Kokumi." I chose this name because Kokumi refers to the mysterious 6th taste that can be detected on your tongue, and means 'heartiness' in Japanese. I came up with the name for our Kitchen, "Chinatown Chowdown", because it literary means eating your way through Chinatown.

Even when I'm at home with my family I try to make our meals as healthy, delicious and authentic as I can with my nutrition degree from Cal Poly. This means I have to get a lot of the ingredients from Asian supermarkets since they aren't carried in most grocery stores. My favorite kind of Asian food is Singapore Noodles and someday I hope we bring this type of food to Kahiki. My favorite Kahiki product is our Yum Yum Stix, it reminds me of the little spring rolls we made in our restaurant back in California.