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Best New Asian Holiday Recipes

Best New Asian Holiday Recipes

In the holiday season everyone is looking for brand new treats to taste. Sometimes the annual offerings can get stale so we've compiled a handy list of new, exciting Holiday recipes to satisfy your Asian cravings.

5.) Crab Rangoon Dip:

The classic and always delicious Crab Rangoon, now in an easy-to-make dip. It's creamy, crabby and so, so addictive. Our favorite way to enjoy the dip? Toast up some pita or bread, with a small drizzle of Sesame Oil. No one will know what hit them if you serve this up for your holiday party, Photo by Cindy Weinstein

4.) Chow Clusters Recipes:

Using chow mein noodles is the kind of creativity that we live for. An enticing crunchy, choclate desert that will keep your guests guessing as how you achieved this decadent texture and taste. Seriously, they're so good everyone. We're losing our minds they're so good.

/> Photo by Baking Nana

3.) Sweet & Sour Chicken Wonton Cups:

Our contribution to the list! These are so yummy, they look great on a plate (presentation is half the battle everyone) and they only take thirty minutes to cook 'em up! They're so great because of how modular they are! You can put any kind of filling inside, whether that is the cooked Sweet & Sour Crispy Tempura that we did (it was super tasty) or you can go for some deeper flavors like our Bold Asian-Style BBQ or the classic General Tso's. The world is your wonton cup!

What better way to eat your favorite, classic Chinese-American Sweet & Sour than in lil' bite sized wonton cups? That's a rhetorical question. There isn't a better way. We tricked you. This easy recipe only needs a handful of ingredients and can be made in under 30 minutes. Treat your guests, your kids, or yourself with this delicious, quick recipe.

2.) Spicy Pork and Vegetable Tofu:

An incredibly delicious dish that speaks warmth into the heart and goodness into the mind. Eat it on a freezing day, enjoy it on a rainy day. It'll warm you up while also filling you up. That's two birds, one stone for everyone counting. The spice on the pork is just perfect, and if you're looking for a bit of an extra bite, you can add a touch of that magical Korean chili paste, Gochujang. It makes everything better. Photo by Chef John

1.) Asian Bison Short Ribs:

Okay, maybe Bison isn't the easiest protein to get your hands on but if you're in the mood to hunt down a particular kind of meat in your local grocers we HIGHLY recommend you try it. It's got all the flavors, unctuiousness and familiarity of beef or steak with a hint of some earthy deliciousness. While not entirely exotic, it is new and exciting in a way that makes Short Ribs even more exciting and flavorful. A true winter dish, serve this up with some root vegetables or sesame fried green beans (we'll get you a recipe, don't worry.) Photo by Jennifer Baker