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Trend Alert: Top Food Trends for 2019

Trend Alert: Top Food Trends for 2019

So many types of food, so many flavors and so many are seemingly picked at random to be the next zeitgeisty flavor. A couple of years ago there was a surge of Sriracha-flavored things and you can sure expect that the things on this list will be appearing in a grocer near you (if they haven't already) so instead of looking confused in the Spice Aisle or baffled standing in front of some new milk, we've got you covered.

6) African Spices Photo by Jason Leung

The range of North African spices hitting stateside is pretty incredible - everything from Morroco to Ethiopia these spices are beautifully complex, smokey and full of incredible cooking range. Whether you want to try something like a spicy Berbere which is crucial for the renowned wat stews from the headwaters of the Blue Nile! Berbere powder adds an alluring, complex flavor to meats, fish, poultry, and many vegetable dishes. Similarly you can try the savory and slightly sweet with a lingering heat spice, Baharat - popular in Middle-Eastern cuisine. Approach these flavors with reverence and treat them kindly! You'll end up cooking some unique and stunning with the right amount of culinary research!

5) Oat Milk: Photo by Nikolai Chernichenko

You've seen Almond Milk. Soy Milk. Cashew Milk and all other kinds of nut-based milks in your grocery store. We've been there -- it's a little tastier than plain milk and has some other benefits that milk can't provide while being significantly less processed or pasturized. The premise is you soak some of your favorite nuts in water, blend it up and strain out the silt. Add some sugar or some vanilla or some honey and you've got an incredible drink. But what is oat milk? It's what happens when you soak steel cut oats or whole groats in water, blend the mixture, and then strain it. "The resulting milk-water tastes just like that warm, thin layer of cream that sits atop a bowl of porridge. It's basically the cashmere sweater of winter drinks," writes Bon Appetit

4) Unique Frozen Desserts Photo by Ho Hyou

Gelato, Ice Cream. Sorbet, Flan, Custard, Ganache -- all these delectable treats and sweets are piling into grocery stores around the country and finishing your night out with your special someone. So what's the deal? Well, the sheer variety is thanks to new, easier and more affordable ways companies can create these creamy or tangy desserts. Whether that's a classic gelato with its super unctuous and buttery texture or a tangy, fruity sorbet. Have you tried Flan yet? It's an incredible mix between caramel, custard and gelatin. The variety is what is most impressive so let your curiosity run wild and dig into something new!

3) CBD-infused foods Photo by Justin Aikin

With one of the biggest candy companies on the planet launching their own line of CBD-infused Jellybeans, you're probably wondering what just is happening and why people are putting CBD-oil in basically everything. Well, for the quick version - CBD is a Cannabidiol and is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis. Unlike THC (the compound that gets you high) CBD does not make a person feel “stoned” or intoxicated. While the science is currently scant on whether this oil does anything at all (save for treating Epilepsy) it is currently all the rage in nearly 30 states - finding its way in coffee drinks, gourmet foods, butter, and basically anything you can dream up. It's likely not going any away anytime soon but keep an eye out for more regulations from FDA if you're curious about this new foody trend. For more information head over to WebMD for a run down on what this is to the science/food community!

2) Faux Meat: Photo by amirali mirhashemian

Would you believe it that we're nearing a point where the taste and texture difference of plant-based meats and actual meats is becoming undetectable? Well, it's true! We've all had tofu in the past, but with more science and discovery -- more options are being found. With things like Jackfruit being almost identify to the flavor and texture of pulled pork, there is also seitan, a wheat gluten that can mimic the texture and taste of chicken (try some seitan wings if you can find them they're incredible.) It is a golden age to be a vegetarian or vegan, with so many options to satiate that meat craving or to get your fix of tasty protein for the day.

1) Fermented Foods Photo by Klara Avsenik

Ahh yes, the almost endless world of fermentation. It certainly has caught on these last few years! That's thanks to it's possibilities! Whether you're in the mood for Kimchi or some pickled radish, there is no end to the recipes, permutations and ways you can ferment something into something else and have it be delicious. Quick pickling has also taken off in a big way, getting you a crispy crunchy pickle in under 45 minutes. Kimchi is our favorite, and you can make it pretty easily (with the right equipment)! Make sure you've got some shattered proof and airtight jugs, a burping device so the air can escape and you're good to go. Kimchi is made from a variety of incredible spices like Gochujang, cabbage and a ton of other ingredients to create a snack, a dish, or a topping that is as delicious as it is versatile.

Venture forward into a new world of fermentation and try your hand at some Kimchi! You won't be disappointed!