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The Foo Fighters (Human Resources & Strategic Projects)

The Foo Fighters (Human Resources & Strategic Projects)

In general, people/companies need resources and strategy. THE Foo provides exactly that. As a team, we work very hard to take this responsibility to the next level. How do we do this? We are out of the box thinkers. We onboard the best talent (which means we only hire people with great attitudes), we train our teammates and we constantly work cross departmentally to provide new and innovative solutions to continue the massive growth of our company. Whether we talk culture, development, curated beer fest- we always have two things in mind- our teammates and Kahikilandia!

There are three of us under the Dragon Boat Drummer, Juanita Simpson. Read below to find out more about THE Foo Fighters.

Debbie Kapes - Trail Boss

Hi, I’m Debbie Kapes, the Trail Boss at Kahiki. A “trail boss” is the person responsible for driving a herd of cattle. While I would never refer to my teammates as such, part of my role here is to ensure that our office is organized and in tip-top shape which requires serious multi-tasking and a little nagging. It is important as a Kahikian to be positive, enthusiastic, warm, energetic and a lot of fun. That is why being part of the FOO Fighters is a perfect fit for me. The best part of my job is… well… just about everything. My teammates and I have a blast almost every single day, and on days that we don’t, we still have a darn good time. Sure, we get a lot of challenges -work load, deadlines and the pressure to be perfect – but I see them as opportunities to see how far we can push ourselves, excel at what we do, and be stronger as a team.

I relocated from Cleveland to Columbus in July of 2015 to be closer to my two children, but especially to be able to spend time with my granddaughter, Lily. When I see the world through her eyes, my own world is enriched.


Carole Bordak - Tiki Torchbearer

Hi, I’m Carole. If you are looking for the Kahikian who is excited to start “lighting the way” envisioning Kahiki’s bright future through strategic projects, that would be me, the Tiki Torchbearer. What might my daily torch-time look like?

  • Learning from our over 200 amazingly talented Kahikians about their specific contributions to Kahiki’s radiant growth!
  • Listening to suggestions of which fun festivals or fairs we will be participating in next!
  • Discovering what magical new sweet and spicy sauce is being created today!
  • Viewing our latest Yum Yum Stix video that will be posted live in the next few hours!
  • Encouraging our entrepreneurial passion to shine!

As the newest member of the FOO Fighters(Fun-Open-Opportunity) team, where daily wacky humor is the norm, my imaginative fire is constantly being stoked. Being the Tiki Torchbearer is the perfect fit for me. The creative force of my job meshes with one of the other passions in my life: fine art. When I am not focusing on cravers of bold and exciting Asian foods, I’m hopping a plane to spend time with family and loved ones in Portland, Oregon – and connecting with my extraordinary artist friends.