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Zhi Liang Gang (Quality Assurance)

The purpose of the Zhi Liang Gang is to help our Operations group do what they do best. We verify, test, and validate processes to ensure that everything we’re making is within the standards we’ve set, and help define the process limits so we can move as quickly as possible to create frozen food that everyone loves. We’re continuously collaborating with our Operations group, Maintenance team, and R&D to ensure we’re demonstrating best practices and continuous improvement. We continue to maintain our SQF 3 certification as well. Another benefit that we provide is keeping up to date on federal regulations, and current food safety trends so we continue to elevate our internal standards to meet and exceed our product quality and safety expectations.

Finally, we get the facility started off on the right foot by cleaning and sanitizing the equipment each night. Our dedicated and hardworking team make it their mission to provide Operations with sanitary working conditions, to ensure we’re protecting our customers from potential food safety concerns. We put a tremendous amount of effort into making sure that we keep consumers safe, and our product wholesome.