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The Kahiki® Story: The legend lives on.

Long before Kahiki® (means "travel to a far away place") was filling shelves in supermarkets, the Kahiki® Supper Club was attracting crowds in Columbus, Ohio. Here's a snapshot of how one of America's most iconic restaurants became one of its favorite brands.

Our Story

The Kahiki® opens. And jaws drop.

Mystery Girls

Twenty-foot Tiki idols stood guard at the front door. The Mystery Girl delivered drinks to your table. Celebrities gathered and crowds gathered to see them. The Kahiki® restaurant was as much about the experience as it was about the meal. If you were ever there, chances are, you never really left.

Frozen foods. Keeping the fun alive.

Display of KAHIKI® frozen offerings

With seating for more than 500 people, the Kahiki® was larger than life. But it wasn't big enough. The popularity of the brand ultimately outgrew the restaurant, which closed in 2001, so they could focus on frozen foods. When our favorite menu items became our first frozen foods, it was the perfect way to introduce the Kahiki® experience to people who never stepped foot inside the restaurant.

The legend grows beyond the supper club walls.

KAHIKI® restaurant

Before long, Kahiki® Frozen Foods took on a life of its own. As sales and popularity grew, it became obvious to Michael and Alice that their attention needed to shift. They made the decision to close the Kahiki® so they could devote their time to a growing frozen enterprise. Closing the Kahiki® was a year-long adventure that broke every sales record on the books. Every day for a solid year, customers lined around the building waiting to experience one last meal at the restaurant that had become a Columbus institution.

New Ownership Takes Kahiki® To Another Level.

KAHIKI® facility

After a decade of groundbreaking introductions, new product innovations, and pushing the envelope on bold and exciting flavors, Kahiki® announces its most exciting development to date. CJ CheilJedang of Seoul, Korea buys 100% of Kahiki's stock and launches the latest chapter in Kahiki's history. Stay tuned. Because we're taking this brand to the top.

We live to stir your senses.

KAHIKI® noodles

We pour our hearts into every Kahiki® recipe, because we know the details make the difference. The aromas that fill your kitchen. The taste and texture of every bite. And how you feel when the last bite is gone. Why go to such lengths? It's simple, really. Kahiki® is about so much more than just satisfying your appetite. We want to Stir Your Senses.

Our Food Philosophy

The Kahiki® story just isn't complete without including a chapter on our passionate approach to ingredients. Find out why it means so much to us.

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