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What makes Kahiki's Crispy Tempura Chicken so special?

Sure, anybody can make tempura. But to make the perfect Asian tempura you need the right chicken and the right marinade. And that's exactly what we have. This is no nuggety mystery meat.

Kahiki® Crispy Tempura Chicken

Ours is white meat chicken marinated in our special blend of delicious seasonings to make our chicken extra juicy and tasty. We coat our chicken with a carefully crafted handmade tempura batter that's blended in small mixers and carefully applied to each piece of freshly cut, perfectly seasoned chicken.

Our batter includes a hint of local Deer Creek light amber honey to add a touch of sweetness and enhance the rich flavor of our tempura batter. And just look. You can see the Kahiki® difference as soon as you open a bag of our crispy tempura. See that? Each piece is shaped a bit different. That's because our process is natural, not formed or "stamped." No fillers. No weird shapes. Just great flavor. Try one of our five super yummy tempura dishes today. And see how Kahiki® Tempura Chicken can Stir Your Senses.